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Pet Dental Care

Some pet owners might think that dogs, cats, and other pets don’t need regular dental care. If you want to help maximize your pet's health while also reducing the risk of various medical complications, it can be important to work with a vet who can provide dental veterinary services. If you live in or near Big Canoe, GA, and Jasper, GA, you can stop us at Atlanta Center for Animal Osteopathy for your pet care needs. Let’s take a look at some aspects of pet dental care and pet health. 

pet dental care

A Brief Overview of Pet Dental Health

Since humans often enjoy diets high in sugar and because we live a long time compared to most other animals, it is recommended that we brush our teeth at least twice a day. Pets might also benefit from routine brushing but some pet owners won’t be able to keep up with such a demanding regime. It may still be important for pets to undergo regular teeth cleanings with a veterinarian, however.

Like humans, animals can suffer cavities, gum disease, infections, toothaches, and various other dental conditions. With regular teeth cleaning, we can remove plaque and tartar, which can help protect the teeth and reduce the risk of various dental complications. Special toothpaste and other useful tools and treatments can be used to maximize pet health.

When a vet provides dental care, he or she can keep an eye out for serious issues. A vet might notice that your pet is suffering from cavities or gum disease, for example. If so, you may need to take actions, like extracting a tooth, to protect your companion.

Signs of Dental Issues

A pet can’t simply tell you when he or she has a toothache or other dental problem. As a pet owner, you should watch for signs of a potential problem. If you believe your pet is suffering from an oral health issue, seek out dental veterinary services. The longer you wait, the more your companion will suffer, and the risks of serious complications may rise.

Pets suffering from oral health issues often have bad breath. You may also notice bleeding gums or a lot of gunk on their teeth. Pets dealing with cavities and toothaches might also avoid eating and using their favorite chew toys.

Get Veterinary Services from Our Vet for Pet Health

If you need help with pet oral health, it’s time to see a veterinarian. Schedule an appointment with us at the Atlanta Center for Animal Osteopathy, serving Jasper, GA, and Big Canoe, GA. Call us at (678) 454-0202 for help from a “veterinarian near me.”



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