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Advanced Veterinary Bloodwork

Advanced Veterinary Bloodwork

When you need answers about your pet's health in the Big Canoe, GA, area, the way to get those answers is through advanced veterinary diagnostics, like bloodwork. Give us a call at Atlanta Center for Animal Osteopathy when your pet needs help. We understand how important your pets are in your life, and how much you want to protect them from harm. If they're not feeling well or they have symptoms of a disease or condition, bloodwork from a trusted veterinarian can help provide valuable answers.


What Can Bloodwork Look for?

When your vet does bloodwork on your pet, they're looking for a couple different things. They might suspect a disease or condition and are looking to the bloodwork information to confirm it. They also might not be sure what's wrong with your pet from a basic examination, so they use bloodwork to see if it indicates a particular issue. Both of these are great reasons to explore this type of diagnostic option, so your pet can get the best care.

What Kinds of Issues Can Bloodwork Solve?

The main job of bloodwork isn't to solve a medical issue, but to find or confirm one. In that sense, it's solving a mystery, and then the work of treating the condition indicated by the bloodwork can begin. If you and your vet are working together to locate a problem and help your pet feel better, you can generally expect bloodwork to be a part of that. It can tell your veterinarian a lot about your pets’ health, and identify a direction to take, so that your pet can be started on a treatment plan.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Vet?

Because pet health is so important, make sure to ask your vet any questions you may have. That can include what the bloodwork might show, how to proceed with treatment, and whether there are different options to explore if your pet has the condition your vet suspects. The more you know about your pet's health the more easily you can choose the right veterinary services to help them improve.

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Get in touch with us at Atlanta Center for Animal Osteopathy, if you're in the Big Canoe, GA, area and are looking for advanced bloodwork for your pet. We can check for cancer, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and much more. Call us today to find the source of your pets’ discomfort and get them on the road to recovery. 


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